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    Replace Aluminium Collar on NUC


      I own the current Haswell based i3 NUC, the D34101....   I removed the aluminium collar as I thought it needed to come off to allow me to extricate the board from the chassis as I needed to fix the power button bug by disconnecting the battery.  However, the collar does not go back easilly.  It's problematic because of the IR sensor. If I fix the collar so that it straddles the sensor, it won't fit over the back of the case, and if I ensure it fits over the back of the case, I now can't get the collar on because the sensor is in the way.  As it seems to be a snug fit I thought to heat the collar a little to allow it to expand and make fitting a bit easier but that seems a bit drastic.  Anyone done this before or have ideas?  I assume there's a knack to it?

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          Hello Cearrbhaill,

          First of all, thanks  a lot for choosing our products. 

          Regarding the issue you are having, would you please send me a picture of your NUC. I was able to put completely apart a NUC in order to remove the board from the chassis.

          I didn't have to remove the aluminum collar you mentioned.


          Please check the pictures I took from the NUC.


          chassis.JPGnuc chassis.JPGboard inside.JPG


          board inside 2.JPG


          I tried to find a video in order to show you how to build a NUC, but I couldn't find one. Sorry.

          I recommend you to wait if another user was able to do it.  But please send me pictures I may be able to guide you.



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            Thanks Sylvai,


            It turns out the secret is to unclip the window at the front of the enclosure covering the headphone and IR sensor. Once I did that the collar fitted over OK and then the window can be clipped easilly into place, so I'm happy again!  Thanks for taking the time to respond and help with this.

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              Excellent!  I’m glad to know that.