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    Intel DH61CR & Intel ITK


      Hi, I am using the Intel ITK to modify settings in the BIOS and add some additional information in the SMBIOS part of the ITK.  When I flash the PC with the BIOS file I created, the additional info in the SMBIOS section is not being displayed in the BIOS.  the serial number and asset info is being displayed.  Can anyone point me in the right direction.  the screenshot attached may clarify what I mean.

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          Hi Denners, I assume you have Intel® Integrator Toolkit; let me see if I can replicate this.

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            I am sorry for the delayed response.

            We have replicated the issue; please allow us more time to investigate.

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              The SMBIOS OEM strings are not displayed in BIOS Setup (or within Intel(R) Visual BIOS). They are carried in the SMBIOS structure table (Type 11 structure(s)) and can be displayed in runtime environments such as Windows, Linux, etc. Various 3rd-party applications are available that can display this information. In the Windows environment, you can use tools like AIDA64 or RWEverything (Read-Write Everything) to display this information. Similarly, in the Linux environment, you can use tools like Dmidecode to display this information.




              P.S. I have filed an enhancement request for the inclusion of the OEM Strings in the information display scene of Intel(R) Visual BIOS