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    Possible Recovery from Drive Failure Within ICH9R SATA RAID0 Array?




      The short version: Drive 0 is a standalone disk, not RAID controlled. Drives 1, 2 and 3 are identical WD SE16 500GB configured in a RAID0 array through a motherboard-integrated ICH9R controller. All drives mentioned are less than 1 year old and see very light usage. The computer remains powered on continuously, but is heavily ventilated and forced air-cooled. It runs XP Pro SP3, with all updates and Intel drivers and applets for the ICH9R.


      Today I connected a known-good external drive via FW800. The device was not readily recognized. I launched MMC to access Logical Disk Manager. It did not load successfully, and hung upon attempted close. After a non-graceful shutdown, the Intel POST reported failure of the first RAID device. I am uncertain if there is any causal relationship between adding the external drive, and the failure of Drive 1.


      I believe the drive is physically ok. There is no rattle, no overheating, etc., and I would like to recover the data on the array.


      I would like to know if it is feasable to change the drive's onboard controller to possibly repair the drive and have it be recognized in the array. Assuming the circuit is the problem, and the RAID stripe is not affected on the disk itself, will the array allow and recognize the drive?


      Any help, suggestions, and experienced tips are welcome and encouraged.


      Thanks in advance,