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    Connecting Magic


      Instructions for this hands-on activity are attached below! With both simple and scaled up setups, the activity can be run in classrooms, at fairs, and at home.

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      Connecting Magic is a hands-on learning activity that encourages makers to build their own light-up wand and perform magic by interacting with sensors and outputs controlled by an Intel® Galileo board running ConnectAnyThing. Using basic craft materials, participants of all ages can create a light-up wand by building a simple circuit. With this wand, they can interact with light sensors to control spectacular outputs such as colored lights, bubble machines, fans, and sound. The activity is designed to be fun, while teaching basic lessons about circuits, sensors, and inputs/outputs.


      Brought to you by Intel Labs and Sparkfun Electronics


      ConnectAnyThing is an application developed by the User Experience Research group in Intel Labs that allows makers of all skill levels to quickly build simple prototypes in real-time on an Intel® Galileo. Download it here.

      The SparkFun Education team's goal is to provide K-12 teachers with 21st century STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) curriculum that reflects the realities of the interconnected, tangible and interactive technologies their students use on a daily basis. We believe that students should be using technology in creative and constructive ways; students should no longer be solely consumers of digital content. Learn more at learn.sparkfun.com.