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    vPro for consumer (no server)


      after reading a lot I have seen the only way to manage a remote vPro system is with VPEG (server).

      but for consumers how is it possible? I want to remote manage my brothers system which lives in another city. how can I do that without VPEG (server)?

      thank you!

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          Radu Bogdan

          Hi Liviu,


          I don't know what VPEG is but you can control a PC (even the BIOS) from a vPro enabled PC with the help of VNC Viewer plus: VNC® Viewer Plus

          So your brother's PC/laptop MUST have a Intel Q57, Q67, Q77 or Q87 chipset on the motherboard with a vPro compatible Intel CPU http://ark.intel.com/search/advanced?s=t&FamilyText=4th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processors&VProTechnology=true    (the link shows just the 4th gen Intel but search exactly what CPU has your brother because even the 2nd, and 3rd generation have vPro enabled CPUs)


          Configure AMT vPro via MEBx on your brother's PC (CTRL + P  when the PC starts) and set up the PC with a static IP address as well (this is helpful for the port forwarding that you'll do later). The IP address that you set in the MEBx screen MUST be the same as the one that you'll set up in Windows 192.168.1.x (so when Windows starts, go to the network card and set up IPv4 with a static address: 192.168.1.x )

          You need to set up port forwarding on your brother's router so you can control his PC over the internet (vPro enabled ports are 16992 for http and 16993 for https)

          Also your brother should have a static IP address so you will connect all the time to the same WAN address


          After that you will need to install the VNC Viewer Plus on your brother's machine and also on yours and then use VNC to control the PC (you'll be able to access his BIOS and even work on his PC without an operating system.)


          If you need more materials about his you can go to www.intel.com and search for <Intel vPro Expert Center> - this section was officially retired by Intel but the white documents about vPro on how to do stuff are still there. If you still can't manage it, please send me a private IM.


          Hai Romania ! (Go Romania ! )

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            thank you for reply!

            you are perfectly right!


            Hai ROMANIA!

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              another solution with web service from Intel engineer

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