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    ICH8R/ICH9R/ICH10R/DO/PCH SATA RAID controller - reports bad drive


      I have an Asus PK5-E with the Intel raid controller, I have been running a RAID mirror for a few months now without problem, till last week I got an error that one of the drives had a problem and the mirror needed to be rebuilt.  I went through this a few times, but in the process the rebuilding fails.    I was suspicious that this was really a drive problem but continued to try to identify which drive was the problem and also thought I would swap the controller port to be sure that it is the drive that is bad.


      I complete deleted the volume, re-recreated it, everything seemed fine for a few days, I restored the files back to the drive, then the issue started all over again.


      I have identified the drive or controller.  I have broken the mirror to see if one of the drives fails but so far, as individual drives there is no problem.



      Ideas?   Maybe try different ports?  The mirror is on 1 and 2 now, should I try to move the drives to 3 and 4 and build it?


      This is my first experience with Desktop RAID, it's time consuming, not a lot of flexibility so I'm looking for experienced suggestions before I take more hours to rebuild and restore.