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    Silent bios update?


      Is there a way to do a bios update silently? Existing NUCs are configured with a supervisor password, and I can't figure out how to silently supply bios password during update without prompting for password during POST. This is inconvenient for displays mounted 30 feet up -- I have a few that are out of reach. 


      A few documents I've read online, seem to indicate that, even with no supervisor password, there's a keypress involved for "silent" updates during post?


      Any ideas?



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          Additional details: DC3217IYE kit

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            At this moment only the BIOS update methods described in this article are supported.

            I am sorry for any inconvenience.

            Intel® NUC Boards and Kits — BIOS update instructions

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              Hi NucU,


              In regards to silent updates: if the system is configured with a password,  the password must be supplied during the update process. NUC products supporting vPro will allow remote access to the BIOS and the entry of any necessary passwords. Currently, the only NUC model that has vPro support is the DC53427HYE.



              Lois H.


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                Is there any plans to address this in future bios updates for non-vpro nuc? Something similar to dell bios updates will be helpful. Either passing password directly in command line OR via GUI prompt while running OS. A prompt for password during POST seems...ineffective?

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                  No, there are no plans to add this feature to non-vPro NUCs, as the entire point of the password during POST is for security purposes. You mention that some of your NUCs are 30 feet up in the air - that's certainly a security deterrent! But it sounds like for even those ones, you wanted that added security by setting the password. I will certainly pass along your concerns to the BIOS team.



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                      After further testing, it seems that if you pass -s to the bios update exe, it will silently update without promoting for a password (assuming you are logged in with an admin account). The extra password prompt is only an issue when configuring / running bios exe generated from intel integrator toolkit.


                      I was able to update bios on a few remote machines with supervisor password set.

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                        Yes, that is correct. If you have a stock BIOS update to install, no prompt for permission to install it will be generated. It is only when you make a change in the BIOS configuration and attempt to install the resulting BIO file (or the resulting EXE file if you have ITK generate one) that you will be forced to provide permission before the install will complete.


                        If you are in a position where you want to have the BIOS secured with a password and the machine placed in remote location, you are going to have problems. In this case, the best solution is to purchase NUC designs that include Intel(R) vPro(TM) support. With vPro support, you can redirect a unit's console I/O to a remote station across the W/LAN...