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    WiFi not working at all


      Just assembled a new NUC D54250WYKH2 with Win 8.1 Pro and the N 6235 WiFi/BT adapter.

      It's my 2nd NUC and I had no problems getting it to work.

      However, I simply can't get the WiFi to work. It says that no connections are available, despite that there are two APs within 1/2 meter from the NUC.

      I have of course updated the drivers. Windows Device Mgr. says that the adapter works fine.

      The Intel PRO/Wireless test tool gives the following:

      Hardware Test: Passed. Wireless hardware is enabled

      Driver Test: Passed. Driver is loaded wew00 Version:

      Radio Test: Passed. Radio is ON

      Scan Test: Failed. There are no networks available to connect.


      I desperately need help, as it would be quite cumbersome to install a LAN cable to where I'll use the pc.


      Would it be better/simpler just to buy a USB WiFi adapter?


      Thanks in advance!