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    Intel Centrino Wireless N-2200 Causes massive slowown of my pc after 22 minutes of run time


      I began having trouble with my pc about 6 days ago and I have been trouble shooting everything I could think of ever since. I have checked for viruses, using Windows Defender and Norton. I am clean. I have updated all my drivers. I have updated from windows 8 to windows 8.1. I use ms config to eliminate the non-essential background operations, one by one, and the problem persists. I disconnect from the internet and the problem stops.


      So I contacted my ISP they updated my router software and still the problem persist. Now I am attempting to Downgrade the drivers for the wireless connection to see if its the driver or something else related to the internet connection but even when I Disable the device and uninstall the drivers the driver installer insists that there is a newer version of the driver already installed. This message is prompted after I Uninstall the driver.


      To recap, my computer lags after 21 minutes and 40 seconds to 22 minutes and 20 seconds of run time, no matter what i do. If i turn the my internet connection off the lag stops and i can resume using my pc as normal (without internet).


      if anyone knows what this is I would appreciate your input.


      If anyone knows how to revert back to previous drivers I would appreciate that as well.


      Or if anyone has other troubleshooting ideas to put forward I'm all ears.


      Thank you.