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    DB85FL Restarts due to Epson Printer being on.


      I have a desktop PC running Windows 7 Pro x64. If I do a Windows shutdown while my Epson WF 3520 All in One Printer is powered on, it goes off for a few seconds then boots up again. This started after updating the BIOS from 0019 to 0124. There is a switch on the PC's power supply. If I flip it to Off just as the PC goes off, 3 seconds later, the power light will blink brightly (like it's trying to restart) then do one more dim blink. At that point, I can toggle the switch back and it will remain off. It powers on normally with the button on and all is well until the next time I turn my PC off.



      If I turn the printer off before I issue the shutdown, it stays off like it should.


      It appears like the newer BIOSs (0124 and 0125) are reacting to a signal from the USB port I have the printer connected to and awakening from a powered off state. I spoke with Epson's tech support and they hadn't heard of this. They suggested trying their printer on another PC. I know it works fine because it was connected to another PC before I bought a new one.


      All of the BIOS and Drivers for DB85FL motherboard are up to date . Windows 7 is up to date and the Epson driver is as well. I tried all sorts of BIOS changes and set them back to the default as a last resort.


      Has anyone else encountered this and identified a local change that I can make to have it go off and stay off when connected to a powered on printer?



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          Thanks for coming back to the community.

          I understand the motherboard won’t power off if printer is connected via USB.

          It appears to be an issue with your motherboard BIOS as you mentioned that it used to work before you updated the bios.

          You may try to do BIOS recovery to version 0121, according to the BIOS release notes, it improves USB port issues. Or you may need to wait for newer BIOS releases:



          Instructions for BIOS recovery available below:



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            Thanks for the advice. I haven't decided whether I want to downgrade the BIOS yet since I have a valid workaround. Your suggestion to back down to 0121 was based on less public Intel board behavior, I may try it. If it's a shot in the dark suggestion, I am not as eager to much with it. I did determine it is not just a BIOS issue.


            With the board on BIOS 0124 and exhibiting the restarts, I disconnected my hard drive and connected another. I then did a scratch reload with Window 7 x64 Professional. I then applied the DB85FL drivers from the CD-ROM that came with the board. All was well with Device Manager when I was complete. I attached the printer cable and confirmed it shut down and stayed down. At this point, I started throwing driver updates at it. As expected, the Graphics, Audio, Networking, and Management Engine updates did not bring my problem back on. The next test was to update the Intel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller: * * August 2013 update.


            Before applying the USB 3.0 driver update, I connected a 3.0 capable portable hard drive. With the USB driver that I got from the Intel motherboard CD, the drive connected with a Green LED color. Green indicates a USB 2.0 connection speed. That is one problem, the USB 3.0 ports of the DB85FL board are not 3.0 speed capable out of the box for a system builder. A quick write of a C: drive folder to the newly attached drive worked but took over a minute.


            I then applied the Intel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller: update. When I tried the portable hard drive test again, it connected with a Blue LED color indicating a USB 3.0 speed. The same disk writes took less than half the time than it did at the USB 2.0 speed. Wow, I was making progress. I then turned on the printer and tried my power down. The PC rebooted instead. I believe the recipe is for the problem is the combination of BIOS 0124/0125 with a USB 3.0 Windows driver.


            I spoke with the system builder I bought the PC from. He suspects an insufficient power issue with the PC's USB ports. He suggested getting a USB Hub that has an external DC power source and connecting the printer to it. That sounds safe and I may give that a shot.

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              Thanks for sharing the results. I hope your next step will help on this matter. Please let me know if an USB hub finally did the trick.



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                I have a USB 2.0 Hub that can be used with or without the AC adapter. I connected the printer cable to the hub (no external power adapter) and the PC shutdown normally. I did not have to attach the power source. When I returned the printer cable to the motherboard USB port, my problem returned.


                Now I have two workarounds. Turn the printer off before shutting down the PC or run the printer through a hub.

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                  Thanks for sharing your experience.