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    i3 internal parity errors




      I'm using a MSI board H81-P33 with a new i3-4330 running at default settings. Now I‘ve found “internal parity errors” logged by Windows WHEA-Logger (event ID 19). I’m getting one warning in about 20 hours, always on cores 0 or 2. The system seems to be stable and passes IntelBurnTest v2.54 without errors.


      Are these parity errors acceptable or do they point to a real cpu issue? I’ve looked at some other computers running i3/i5 cpus (Sandybridge) but haven’t found similar issues there. Can I do something to prevent these parity errors?

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          Hello Bitterchocolate, I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems with this your processor.

          The error you are getting is common when the system is being overclocked; however you mentioned on your post that the processor is running at default settings.


          Would you please provide me the model number of the memory you are using?


          You might also want to run the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Toolhttp://www.intel.com/support/processors/sb/CS-031726.htm

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            Hi Sylvia,


            Thank you for your help! I'm using this memory: http://www.kingston.com/datasheets/KVR13N9S8K2_8.pdf


            I executed Processor Diagnostic Tool, all tests passed without errors.


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              I’m glad to know the processor passed all tests without errors.

              Now, would you please download third party software named CPU-Z? I need you to please monitor the CPU frequency when doing something demanding like watching a movie or playing a game.  CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting


              Please let me know your findings.

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                I've done several tests. Here is a screenshot without load:


                And this was made with 100% load on all cores while developing raw images:


                When playing video the cpu runs most of the time @ 800MHz.

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                  Thanks a lot for the information Bitterchocolate; checking the pictures you sent me I was able to find out that your processor might be defective. However it could be other components as well, like the power supply.


                  We can help you to replace the Processor, but I would like to be completely sure that this is the cause of the behavior you are getting.

                  Is there any chance you have another system where you can swap processors or at least test the system using another power supply?

                  If not, please  contact our Warranty department for additional information on replacing the chip  Contact Support   

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                    Thank you very much. Yes, the power supply could be the reason it is almost 6 years old. Unfortunately I cannot swap processor or power supply.


                    At the moment I've disabled "Intel C states" in BIOS settings. If the parity errors disappear I would suppose the power supply is the reason.


                    Now power consumption is a little bit higher, but after one or two minutes a system driver seems to enable C states automatically and the cpu clocks again at 800 MHz in idle state until the system reboots or wakes up from standby. Is it possible to prevent this? I have installed latest Intel graphics and chipset drivers.

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                      It is really hard to find out the reason causing this behavior, since we do not know what the root of the original problem is.

                      Again, try to test the system using another power supply that may resolve all problems.

                        If you really can’t get another power supply, please contact our Warranty department for additional information on replacing the chip   Contact Support    

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                        Thank you very much for helping. I think I will keep on watching these errors and change the power supply on occasion.

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                          I know this is a late reply but if may give you and others in the same boat (myself included) peace of mind.


                          If Event ID = 19, and MciStat = 0x90000040000f0005 (in the details view of the event), then these errors can be safely ignored.  From Intel's errata documentation:

                          HSD131. Spurious Corrected Errors May be Reported

                          Due this erratum, spurious corrected errors may be logged in the IA32_MC0_STATUS register with the valid field (bit 63) set, the uncorrected error field (bit 61) not set, a Model Specific Error Code (bits [31:16]) of 0x000F, and an MCA Error Code (bits [15:0]) of 0x0005. If CMCI is enabled, these spurious corrected errors also signal interrupts.


                          When this erratum occurs, software may see corrected errors that are benign. These corrected errors may be safely ignored.


                          Unless you're seeing other kinds of errors/blue-screen crashes, your CPU is just fine







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                            Thanks for sharing the information with us.

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                              Hello, Sylvia


                              I'm bothering you in similar matter;  We have the newly assembled PC based on the following components:

                              CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 (LGA 1150)

                              Ram: Team Elite Plus DDR3 4Gb PC3-12800 (TPD34G1600HC1101)

                              MB:  Asus H97-PLUS

                              PS: 500W

                              OS:  Windows 7 32bit ENG OEM, without SP1 (that's the demand of the third-party SCADA system, running on it - no any updates, nor SP1 can be installed)

                              PC was assembled approx 2 months ago (all parts - brand new, "out-of-box" OEM). Yesterday night, being run at client's location, it has shutted down suddenly without any obvious reasons (it was switched on and started working in client's environment just a couple days ago only). The "system" logfile in Windows now looks as on the attached picture:


                              any recommendations on the tests to be run (and in what sequence) to trace the source of the error will be greatly appreciated.

                              I've read the advice of user misha256 in this thread (that this errors sometimes are just misleading), but this seems to be not my case.

                              The problem is exacerbated by the fact that the above mentioned PC is now running its tasks in continious 24/7 mode, and it's very hard (almost impossible) to run any test on it which lasts longer than 5...7 minutes (and only in Windows-mode; no rebooting allowed).

                              Hope to get some help from you. Thank you in advance.