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    D54250WYK unexpected crashes/poweroffs

    Mr Harvey

      Hi all,


      3 weeks ago I bought the NUC D54250WYK, with the following added HW:

      - Kingston 8GB RAM (model KVR16LS11/8 DDR3L CL11 , apparently certified for the NUC)

      - Intel mSATA SSD 530 series, 180 GB

      - Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 + Bluetooth


      Installed Windows 7 x64 ultimate edition, and all the newest drivers available at the end of April (video driver 3496, GE driver 19.1, ME driver 1790, USB 3.0 driver, RST driver 1001, chipset device SW 1027, and latest BIOS 0025. I did not install Realtek ALC driver and latest video beta driver 3540 (but I don't see how that could affect the situation though).

      I have Logitech K360 keyboard and T400 mouse connected to the Logitech unifying receiver. Monitor is connected over miniDP-to-DP cable. NUC is connected to the switch with gigabit ethernet.


      The NUC randomly crashes (powers off immediately, same as if it had lost power) and then Windows restarts. There is no BSOD and no applicable information in Event viewer except a message that the system did not shutdown correctly: "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly."


      There are also messages like this in Event viewer: "The speed of processor 0 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 71 seconds since the last report."

      This is reported for all four cores, but I guess this is not a big issue.


      I haven't been able to reproduce the problem with the crash, but it happens with no apparent cause (sometimes only MS Word is open, sometimes a HD/SD movie in Media Player Classic - Home Cinema, sometimes only Firefox is open, sometimes a mix of apps, sometimes nothing; i.e. I could not find a sure-fire way to crash it). Once it also happened during Windows boot. It can happen once in a 1-2 hours, but it can also crash a few times in 10 minutes. There has never been a BSOD.


      I tried uninstalling the latest Intel video drivers and left the Standard VGA driver, after which the system seems to be a bit more stable, but still crashes occasionally. When Intel video driver is installed, sometimes the monitor screen can get totally corrupted and Windows gets frozen. Tried also with 3412 version driver, same thing.


      Temperatures do not spike, and are generally low (30-40 degrees). I tried increasing the fan duty cycle in BIOS to 50% to see if it will affect anything, but it didn't.


      Prime95 has run normally for 20 minutes without a hitch, CPU temp went up to 67 degrees.

      GPU test (Furmark) has also run for a couple of minutes with no issues. (But it also crashed - once Windows froze with screen corruption, once NUC crashed and rebooted).

      Memtest95 reported no issues with the RAM (ran multiple passes for several hours).


      I also tried booting Linux Mint 16 from live USB stick (nothing installed on SSD), and experienced the same crashes.


      Today, after entering BIOS, NUC froze with screen corruption (happened today for the first time). It stayed like that for approx 10 seconds, then rebooted. Upon entering BIOS again, it was fine, but then froze again with screen corruption. I did not observe freezing and screen corruption on earlier BIOS version (0021), but Windows was crashing since I bought the NUC.


      Tried removing the AC7260 card from the NUC to see if it will make any difference but it did not.


      As this is happening in Windows, in Linux and in BIOS, it seems to me that the NUC is faulty. Having bought the certified RAM, and ran Memtest for a couple of hours without issues, I am inclined to think that RAM is fine.


      EDIT:  The same situation happens also in Windows safe mode. Sometimes the NUC crashes and sometimes the screen just corrupts and the NUC hangs and stays like that until force power off.


      I would appreciate if anyone can give me any additional advice about what else to check or try as this is indeed getting quite frustrating (I could not see any errors in any logs).


      Thanks in advance,



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          I would try a wired mouse and keyboard (and uninstalling the Logitech software).

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            I've had the same model of NUC and wifi card for around 6 months (very soon after release) and I've experienced similar issues on and off for most of that time.


            I'm using HDMI out to my TV, and I've seen:

            - Graphic corruption freezes, similar to this image: http://i.imgur.com/AKUp8rI.jpg (accompanied with frozen audio presumably due to using HDMI) - this is the most common

            - Spontaneous reboots

            - Blue screens

            - Random application crashes

            - Bluetooth lockups using headphones: almost every time I attempt to use bluetooth headphones the system locks up within a couple of minutes requiring a forced reboot, and around half the time after rebooting Windows will have flagged the bluetooth chip as malfunctioning. At this point the only way to restore bluetooth to a working state is to open the NUC and re-seat the chip.


            Like you I've run memtest for an extended period and it's come back with no issues, so I think the RAM is fine. It's happened across all releases of the Intel drivers and firmware. I'm not inclined to blame overall heat as sometimes this has occurred soon after an initial boot, and temperatures seem reasonable when I check in the BIOS. Similarly I've seen nothing helpful in the system logs.


            This week I started trying to play a new game (South Park: Stick of Truth) and the crashes rendered the game unplayable - I couldn't get more than 2 minutes into the game before either the application crashed or the system rebooted. Last night out of frustration I removed the bluetooth/wifi chip and one stick of memory, and the system ran fine for the rest of the evening without a single crash. I also tried running a Dreamcast emulator (another surefire way to cause a crash) and this ran fine too.


            I'm going to try running the system in this "downgraded" state for the weekend and see whether it remains stable, which on previous experience would be unheard of. If it survives, I'll re-install the wifi and RAM sticks individually to try to pinpoint the issue, but at this point my gut's leaning towards the wifi chip being the culprit. How long did you try running your system without this?


            Comparing our setups, this is my config (+ shows items that match yours, - non-matching, ~ similar):

            + NUC D54250WYK

            + Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 + Bluetooth

            ~ Logitech K400 wireless keyboard

            - Windows 8.1

            - Crucial 8GB (2x 4GB) DDR3 1.35V

            - Plextor 256GB M5M drive

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              Mr Harvey

              Hi guys,


              thank you for the suggestions!

              I tried first disabling the WiFi card in device manager, but no results. Physically removing it from the NUC also did not improve the situation (I thought perhaps there was some kind of interference with the unifying receiver...). Kept the WiFi card out for a few hours, but I never saw any BSODs.


              After moving away the unifying receiver (connected over USB extender cable), the results improved somewhat (meaning there was no more crashes & reboots, however the result was Windows freezing with corrupted display). This has also happened many times in the BIOS (different kind of screen corruption & freezing, but still corruption). Also tried inserting the SO-DIMM to the other slot, no improvements. Also tried with wired mouse & keyboard, but Windows kept crashing.


              @ SFrost007: my screen looked similar to yours.


              I have then reinstalled Windows 7 ultimate x64 from scratch and installed only the Rapid Storage driver, GE LAN driver, WiFi & BT driver and USB3 driver. This time I am also using wired mouse and wired keyboard from the beginning (no Logitech software installed on the NUC yet).


              Now it is running for 7+ hours, browsing various Internet pages and so far it's rock stable (earlier, it was never possible to run for so long). I will keep it running like this for a while longer and then install the remaining video and audio driver and Logitech software, so it is going to take time (have to go to work tomorrow...). Because I have seen the same thing happening when I booted the live Linux Mint 16 off the USB stick, that makes me think that Logitech software should not be causing freezes & reboots, but let's see).


              I kept the power brick approx. 30 cm from the NUC chassis for the whole time.


              Thanks again, I will post back my findings in a day or two. Anyway, the suspect list is now narrowed down.




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                Mr Harvey, I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems with this your NUC since you purchased it.

                I was able to read all the troubleshooting you have done on your system.  At this point I just want to know if you experience the same behavior when using minimal configuration on the NUC?

                Would you please remove all components from the NUC and leave only 1 memory stick and the SSD?

                You can also try doing a clear CMOS.

                cmos NUC.JPG


                Then, if the system does not crash, please add the network card. And restart again.

                You can also try to roll back the BIOS to version 0024 and check the performance.



                If the issue persists and since the NUC is still under warranty please get in touch with our Warranty Department so they can help you to replace the unit: http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/contactsupport

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                  Mr Harvey

                  Hi Sylvia,


                  thank you for the answer.

                  I was almost ready to confirm NUC was working properly with "minimal" set of drivers (LAN, USB3, WiFi&BT and Rapid storage driver), but during last 15 minutes it again froze with screen corruption . After I manually switched it off, then switched back on and booted Windows, it was fine for a few minutes, and then the screen just went blank and to power save mode. So I had to force poweroff again.


                  I will try what you suggested, and post back.


                  EDIT:  I just noticed that Windows update has installed the graphics driver for HD5000 - somehow that got updated with other updates (it was done today after I originally posted this reply). I have now uninstalled Intel driver and reverted back to "standard VGA controller". And so far it looks like the situation has improved - which makes the video driver very suspicious...


                  Thanks again!

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                    OK Mr Harvey, please let me know your findings when you can.

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                      Mr Harvey



                      it looks like the Intel video driver is the problem.

                      I now have the Logitech keyboard and mouse connected over the unifying receiver for some time (receiver connected over USB extender cable to the NUC), and it has been running for at least 8 hours without any issues. I am using the Microsoft's "standard VGA graphics adapter" driver. The 7260 WiFi/BT card is disabled in device manager (both WiFi and Bluetooth).


                      As soon as the Intel video driver release 3496 (or 3412) is installed, the NUC becomes unstable (freezes and corrupts the screen). I have noticed though that there are no more "poweroffs" and automatic restarts - now, when the Intel graphics driver is installed, the NUC just freezes and corrupts the screen. Then I need to force power off manually.


                      I have re-enabled WiFi and BT and so far have the NUC running normally for more than a few hours. I will continue testing (takes time as the freezes are/were not dependent on any particular action) and report back. But so far, I would say that the video driver seems to cause problems.

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                        Mr Harvey

                        Hi Sylvia,


                        thanks, I have posted to the other thread you indicated above.

                        In the meantime, I have also installed the latest NUC graphics driver 3621, and the problem with freezing and screen garbage/corruption is still there, albeit maybe somewhat less often than before. But it is difficult to quantify as it is random...


                        I also see that this freezing and screen garbage so far appeared almost exclusively when browsing the web with Firefox. I am trying now with Chrome to test that theory. If I watch a movie, the NUC works normally with Intel graphics driver, no issues. Running MS Office also seems to be fine. Furmark has run for 15 minutes with no issues (GPU temp reached 67 degrees).


                        But when browsing the web with Firefox, NUC freezes randomly. I cannot say whether it is maybe impacted by Flash content, or something else, but there definitely appears to be a problem in combination Intel graphics driver - Firefox. Microsoft standard VGA graphics driver works normally in all cases, but it is only generic driver so a lot of functionality is lost.

                        EDIT: scratch that, today NUC froze immediately after displaying Windows 7 desktop.   I am starting to consider RMAing it back.


                        I have also found out that I am not the only one having this problem (user nd1969 reported a quite similar issue). So it makes me think that it could well be something in Intel graphics driver which is causing a problem. Is it possible to gather any logs about the driver behavior or put it in "debug" mode or something?

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                          My Harvey, thanks a lot for all the information you provided at the other thread.

                          Continuing with your issue and before you RMA the NUC, would you please try the BETA driver released?





                          Please let me know your findings.



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                            Mr Harvey

                            Hi Sylvia,


                            installing the beta driver you mentioned above seems to have no effect - subjectively, I think that the issue now happens somewhat less often, but it is still there and still random.

                            In a few occasions, beta driver causes the NUC to just switch off the screen (I don't know if it also freezes or not).

                            EDIT:  just for sake of clarity - with all other latest drivers (and with graphics driver 3621 or the beta mentioned above), the NUC no longer gives a black screen and reboots automatically, like it has been doing in the beginning. The problem in the beginning was that the garbage was displayed on screen, the NUC froze, and then rebooted. Reinstalling Windows7 x64 with latest drivers changed the situation in a way that now the NUC just freezes and garbage is displayed on screen, but the picture is still discernible. NUC does not reboot any more, i.e. now I have to power it off manually.


                            A problem like this could be related to the power supply (or its stability), but since the NUC works normally when running Prime95 or Furmark, I would not think the PSU is the problem.


                            Is there any way to enable some kind of verbose logging of the driver?  Or make any additional troubleshooting?  Because since there is no hard evidence or logs yet, RMAing the device back can result in getting another NUC which would have the same problem... which seems further supported by the fact that with Microsoft's standard VGA driver, everything works fine.


                            I can send screenshots or a video of the problem if required.

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                              Yes Mr. Harvey, please send me some screenshots so I can show them to the appropriate department.


                              I recommended you replacing the device, since I’m using one and I’m not experiencing any kind of video issue. Actually mine is working perfect. I'm running Windows 8.1 and the original BIOS version 18.

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                                Mr Harvey



                                here is a screenshot of the monitor display when the NUC freezes (don't mind the white circle, it is a flash from the camera):



                                This video displays how it looks like when the NUC freezes. Note the corruption in the upper 10% of the screen, and what is displayed as a "morphing" between two halfs the screen is actually flickering of two images.



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                                  Mr Harvey, this seems to be an issue related to the video controller of the processor.

                                  I recommend you contacting our customer support department for additional information on replacing your product.



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