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    [Problem] i3 4130T-HD4000 No sound with HDMI


      Hello, i just bought a new PC All in one Asus ET2221INKH with i3 4130T. I have installed windows 7 x64.

      I have installed all drivers with the asus support website. The driver for intel HD4000 was a wrong driver. So i downloaded the lastest driver for intel HD4000 (GFX_Win7_8_8.1_64_10.18.10.3540).


      I have an issue when i try to connect the PC with my Samsung LCD TV with HDMI. All is OK but when i unplugg and plugg again the HDMI, I haven't sound on TV. The sound come from the PC.

      I need to reinstall the drivers for intel HD4000 and i must reboot my pc and all is OK (the sound come from the TV) but if i unplugg again the HDMI, i have the same issue.


      When i have the issue, i can see.


      Can you help me please?


      (Sorry for my poor english, i'm french)