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    Change the "Hard Drive Write Cache Enabled" setting on DP35SP


      Hi all


      I've recently replaced a failed drive in a Mirror volume for a friend on DP35DP board.  Rebuild was fine, but when I compare the two disks, first has the "Hard Drive Write Cache Enabled" setting as YES, the other disk has NO.


      The disks are the same, Seagate ST3500320NS drives, except the first (replaced) drive has a firmware SN06 and the other SN05, so initially I am thinking this is the problem.  I would imagine it is better to have both drives setting the same.  The volume cache has been turned off so I guess I am safe.


      I cant find a setting in the Martix Storage Console 7.8 on Windows Server 2003 to change the setting.  Maybe it has to be changed at BIOS level?  Maybe it cant be changed manually and it's the firmware?  I just don't know.  I plan on upgrading the original disk's firmware to match but don't want to yet if there is a setting I can change.


      Hope you can advise!