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    Serious problems with D34010WYB & D54250WYB and USB 3.0




      Have a number of systems built using the above NUCs and all are experienceing severe problems with USB3.0 devices and Windows 8.1


      Problems include...

      System will not boot with USB 3.0 devices attached.

      System regularly will not sleep with USB 3.0 devices attached.

      If system does sleep it will not wake up with keyboard or mouse activity.

      Frequent disconnects of USB 3.0 device.


      Problems occur with...

      USB 3.0 Hubs

      USB 3.0 HDDs

      USB 3.0 Card Readers

      USB 3.0 Memory Keys

      USB 3.0 Mobile Phones.


      All drivers used are latest as per Intel site and latest BIOS (25).


      I see from this community that others are having similar problems.  All the deviices listed above worked flawlessly on ASUS & Gigabyte 8 Series boards and also with Intel 7 Series boards so the NUC is 100% to blame.


      Is this a driver / firmware fault that will be resolved by an update or is it a hardware fault that needs an RMA to resolve?