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    D54250WYK, displayport 1.2 dual monitors and Ubuntu (trusty tahr)


      Hello All,


      I recently purchased a D54250WYK and have since updated the BIOS to the 0025 (currently latest) version.  I also purchased an EVGA displayport hub (200-DP-1301-L1) and a 1.2 DP cable  (BYTECC DPR-06) going from the NUC to the DP hub.  I am running Trusty Tahr (14.04)


      $ lsb_release -a

      No LSB modules are available.

      Distributor ID: Ubuntu

      Description: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

      Release: 14.04

      Codename: trusty


      I have two DELL U2412M monitors connected to the EVGA DP hub, but only one monitor seems to be recognized (both monitors are at 1920 x 1200).  So my display is cloned instead of being two different displays (for extended desktop).  I understand there is a driver project at 01.org (Downloads | Linux Graphics), but I also just installed Trusty Tahr and I just would imagine that this is a basic functionality level.  I have previously contacted EVGA (when I initially had this issue on another PC, that apparently doesn't support the 1.2 spec for multistream) and they suggested a video card or driver issue (at the time, the video card ended up being the issue).


      So I guess my question is has anyone else had luck with a similar setup, or do I have to downgrade to Saucy Salamander and try again?  Is there anything that I'm obviously missing here?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hello Mlatou, I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems with this your NUC when trying to use dual display.

          It is very important to keep in mind that this specific NUC support Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 64-bit only. 


          There are some customers reporting compatibility with Linux flavor OS, however Intel has not validated them.  The following link has some for additional support on Linux   Intel® NUC Boards and Kits — Linux* support


          Our graphics drivers are based on Windows Operating system. This is the latest driver for a 64bit OS    Download Center , and  for 32 bit  Download Center


          Check the steps listed in the Multiple Display FAQ at Graphics — Multiple Displays frequently asked questions.


          Check the troubleshooting steps listed on the HDMI FAQ at      Graphics — HDMI Technology FAQ.


          In addition to that, I found a thread about some customers using a VGA adapter. You may want to check it out.  MiniDP to VGA Adapter That Works with D54250WYK




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            Hello Sylvia,


            Thanks for your reply, the new driver was released for trusty tahr and I tried installing that to no effect.  I have finally had an opportunity to try loading Windows 7 64-bit.  I just loaded it about 2 hours ago and many of the drivers were missing, so I downloaded the latest driver bundle (May 2014) and installed the graphics driver from that for my test.  It requested that I reboot, but now I after I reboot, I have no display output at all.  The oddest part is that I don't even get display output for the BIOS.


            I disconnected from the displayport hub and tried the cable directly to a monitor (from the NUC).  I unplugged the power from the NUC so that I could be certain it was off.  I replaced the power and turned the NUC back on and I still have no output.  I tried another displayport cable and the other monitor both.  I went back to the hub with another cable and still no output at all.  This seems very odd to me that I suddenly have no video.  Please help!!  I do have the NUC audio connected and can hear the windows sounds (like it finished loading).


            I strongly prefer not to use DVI/VGA or adapters for these, since this was part of the reason for my monitor and NUC purchase--to use the newer displayport/hdmi technology. Unfortunately the monitors do not support HDMI, so I am left with DisplayPort capability only.

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              Since I don't have the BIOS output anymore either, I cannot tell where I am to try moving back to Ubuntu or other either.


              Please help!!

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                This is weird Mlatou. Would you please let me know if you are able to a least got video using one monitor?

                • Is there any other adapter that you can try?
                • Which graphics driver are you using?
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                  Hey Sylvia,


                  I have still not gotten any video, I opened a case for support and we have tried the CMOS reset.  I believe we are going to try a warranty replacement next.


                  I do not have any mini HDMI cables to see if I have any output from the mini HDMI port, I did try directly connecting the miniDP to a monitor and tried both monitors and a different cable to no effect.


                  The driver should be the most recent one for this NUC in the bundle, it looks like the bundle is named: WYK-WYB-Win7-64bit-Driver-Bundle-May2014.zip


                  I navigated to I think it was the "video" directory, but unfortunately, I don't have video to confirm.





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                    For anyone still following this, the issue seems to be reproducible as we tried two additional boards with similar results.


                    I still do not have a mini HDMI cable to try the HDMI output.


                    I have sent the kit back in for warranty refund at this time.


                    With the first replacement board, I fully populated it (RAM, WiFi card and mSATA drive) and it failed on the initial boot (i.e. I never got a BIOS screen).

                    With the second replacement board, I moved one item at a time (RAM, then WiFi card then mSATA drive) and I got it to boot Windows 7 once (and the BIOS every time prior to the Windows 7 boot) before it seems to have failed again (I could still hear Windows loading, though I have no visuals).  The other odd thing about this was that though I was able to get visuals, with the displayport hub in the loop, I only got output on one monitor (which was different from my initial experience).  Once Windows 7 had loaded once, I tried connecting back to the displayport hub and got no video, so I moved it back to the single display and got no video again, tried to reboot, no video again (but again I could hear Windows loading).

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                      Could you try a BIOS update to the latest version 26? Since you don’t have video, you could try the update by using the BIOS recovery method. (Remove the BIOS jumper complete, save the .bio file on a thumb drive and turn on the system) https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=23926&lang=eng&OSVersion=%0A%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%0A%09%09%09%09%09%09%09&DownloadType=BIOS

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                        Hello Sylvia,


                        Unfortunately, I don't still have the NUC to try this =/

                        I think I'm going to try the Corei3 model and see if I fare any better once I have the refund.


                        Thanks for your efforts!

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                          Hello Sylvia,


                          I purchased the core i3 model (D34010WYK) and tried again with the different video chipset.  I actually got no video at all on my displayport from opening the package.  I'm not sure what BIOS version it shipped with, so I tried updating it to the latest (0026) via the method you provide above.  Still no video.


                          Today I purchased a mini HDMI to HDMI cable to try the HDMI output to my TV.  It's important to note that the HDMI ouput cannot be a permanent solution for me as it need to go to my monitors that don't support HDMI.  Anyway, I made some recordings of the results on my phone and I can see about posting them.  Long story short, booting to windows seems pretty inconsistent and I don't even get the second monitor recognized in windows with the May 2014 video driver installed.  When I boot Mint (or Ubuntu in my previous experience), even from a thumb drive, I get output on both monitors, but I can't see both of them (as different monitors for extended desktop).  In windows, I only get output on one monitor and it only shows one monitor.


                          The BIOS seems wildly inconsistent.  Sometimes it would show on the HDMI, sometimes on the Displayport.  This is *after* going into the BIOS using the HDMI display and setting Displayport as the main display (which is how I got any output on Displayport at all initially).  If I unplugged the HDMI, sometimes the BIOS still would not show on the displayport, but Windows would load and display.  There were a couple of times where one or more displays seemed to "hiccup" or the display went blank and came back, or there were lines in the output on the display.  At one point, I removed the jumper to try to clear whatever was causing what looked like a BIOS hang and it asked me to replace the jumper or bypass the message.  I replaced the jumper and normal operation resumed.  Later the same thing seems to have happened again.  I removed the jumper and the BIOS loaded just like normal except it continued to hang (it did not ask me to replace the jumper).


                          I'm reading at the forums about a lot of similar issues reported on 0025 and 0026 BIOS, so I'm thinking of trying an older version (I just need this to work to replace my old ATX mid tower desktop for my most common desktop tasks).


                          Please let me know your suggestions and how I might be able to share the videos with you (unfortunately shot with my cell phone, so maybe not the best quality, but..)






                          I should note that the BIOS does display 0026 as the current version this machine is running.

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                            Marc, I really apologize for all the inconvenience you passed through with these NUCs.

                            The original BIOS version that comes on the NUC should be BIOS v018. You can try a BIOS recovery and install version 0021.

                            If the system works fine, I would recommend you keeping that BIOS version.


                            I would recommend checking the BIOS Update Release Notes on this URL. You will be able to see the fixes and features included on each version.  http://downloadmirror.intel.com/23926/eng/WY_0026_ReleaseNotes.pdf

                            There is also a new graphics Driver available version 3643 that you can try Download Center      

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                              Thanks for all your help, Sylvia.


                              Unfortunately, once I got it to 0021, it just hung on the BIOS screen (still on HDMI only, no output on the DisplayPort).  I've returned that unit and just got a new one today with the same issue.  Having gone thru a total of 5 NUC boards and 2 different types of NUC, I'm no longer confident this can be my desktop replacement, so I'm having to look at other options so as not to waste the money already spent on compatible parts (and hopefully still achieve the same form factor).


                              I've already spent $21 so far in shipping to return the previous one, so I don't really want to spent $42, but I don't think Intel makes exceptions on return shipping?  I will still have to open a case at this point, I'm still trying to see if I can get a refund from the reseller instead (since I should still be within 30 days).

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                                Mlatou, are you updating the BIOS once you received the NUC?

                                Would you please skip BIOS version 0021 and try installing version 0023? Intel® Download Center