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    Intel extreme Tuning Utility crashing on startup.


      Motherboard: GA-Z87X-UD3H

      Operating system: Windows 8.1 64bit.

      CPU: 4670k.


      When opening intel extreme tuning utility, it gets stuck on the splash screen, doing nothing. In the gui log i get the following error;

      2014/05/06-18:52:07.5795|INFO] *** LOG FILE STARTED ***

      2014/05/06-18:52:07.5815|INFO] GUI Version - CiBuild:Official - 4.3 PV:

      2014/05/06-18:52:07.5815|INFO] Application On Startup event called

      2014/05/06-18:52:07.5825|INFO] Starting up UI

      2014/05/06-18:52:07.5825|INFO] Showing Startup Window

      2014/05/06-18:52:07.6246|INFO] Current service status: Stopped

      2014/05/06-18:52:07.6246|!ERR] !!!!! ********* Service is stopped, it should be running or starting ************ !!!!!

      2014/05/06-18:52:07.6246|INFO] Starting service

      2014/05/06-18:52:07.8318|INFO] Waiting up to 30 seconds for service to start

      2014/05/06-18:52:07.8318|INFO] .

      2014/05/06-18:52:08.8333|INFO] .

      2014/05/06-18:52:09.8354|INFO] .

      2014/05/06-18:52:10.8373|INFO] .

      2014/05/06-18:52:11.8384|INFO] .

      2014/05/06-18:52:11.8384|!ERR] Could not find a PerfTuneService instance

      Source Init event subscribed

      2014/05/06-18:52:11.8605|!ERR] Exception occurred connecting to service

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          Thanks for joining the community.

          I understand you have been experiencing issues with Intel extreme tuning utility.

          I noticed you have installed Intel extreme tuning utility on a Gigabyte system. Please bear in mind this particular program is compatible for Intel® processor and Intel® boards only.

          Please check with your motherboard maker for any Third Party tool or proprietary software that may help on this matter.