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    DN2820FYKH no USB mouse after sleep (under Debian 'Jessie')


      I cannot use my mouse to unlock my screen after the computer has been sleeping. Instead, I have to use a long hold on the power button to power it down, then reboot.


      I have an April 2014 manufactured BOXDN2820FYKH0 Version # H22962-101, with Firmware 0032 and running Debian Jessie (the latest 'testing' version). So far, this is my only problem.


      Problem: I have no mouse on wake from ‘Suspend’, either timed or manual ‘Suspend’; maybe I have no keyboard, too, but I would need the mouse first to unlock the computer screen after the computer wakes.


      • Suspend under Debian is a deep sleep mode where the power-button light flashes slowly
        • the NUC goes into Suspend automatically if set to do so in the Power panel, or manually by selecting Suspend from the main menu
      • Symptoms:
        • I can wake the computer by
          • Apple wired USB Keyboard & Apple Mouse: hit Return, then computer wakes, or
          • Logitech K400 Wireless touch Keyboard: 'Return' doesn’t work, so I touch the NUC power button instead to wake the computer
        • On wake, in either case, I see the Debian lock screen but I cannot use the Mouse or 'Return' to summon the password entry box to unlock the screen
      • Instead, I have to power off the NUC by holding the power button for several seconds until it turns off, then reboot


      'HIbernate' alternative to 'Suspend' from Debian main menu:

      • I can recover OK with a fully functioning keyboard & mouse from a manually-set state called ‘Hibernate’ (power button remains lit, screen dark). The fact that the light never goes out makes me wonder if this state really is a low power mode or if the NUC doesn’t understand Hibernate command from the Debian.


      Q: Can anyone help me with this?

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          Hello Boldstripe, I’m sorry for the inconvenience that you have faced with your NUC.


          Regarding the operating system you have installed, I would need to inform you that this specific NUC support Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 64-bit only.  There is partial support for Windows 7.  We have received comments from customers reporting compatibility with Linux flavor OS, however Intel has not validated them.


          Concerning the problem with your mouse, please try installing the new USB 3.0driver. You would be able to find it on this link http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?DwnldID=23734

          I remember that BIOS version 0028 included a fix related to USB3.0.  Since you have the latest BIOS version installed, what you can do is a BIOS recovery in order to install version 0028. Then you can update the BIOS again to 0032.


          The following link has some for additional support on Linux


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            Thanks, Sylvia. Just to clarify, are you suggesting that I should 'revert' to BIOS 0028, then upgrade again to 0032?


            In any case, because I don't have Windows installed, I cannot use the 'new USB 3.0 driver', which is installed with a Windows executable. If this is important, it would be nice to have it available for any operating system.


            [EDIT: and I see other people have gone through every BIOS upgrade from 0015, in sequence. Do I need to do that to get everything in?]

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              I can fix the problem by going to BIOS 0028, but it comes back when I upgrade to BIOS 0032 again.


              So here is my history:

              • in BIOS 0032, mouse freezes after sleep, revert to 0028
              • in BIOS 0028, mouse does not freeze after sleep, upgrade to 0032
              • in BIOS 0032, mouse freezes after sleep, revert to 0028
              • in BIOS 0028, mouse does not freeze after sleep

              I'm going to leave it at BIOS 0028 for a while and see how I get on with it. I definitely want a computer that can fall asleep, or be put to sleep manually, then recover on wake.


              FYI, I could do all my BIOS reversions and upgrades in the Visual Bios (F2 at boot), then choose upgrade BIOS option from within Visual Bios, with the Firmware file(s) on my USB flash drive. I did not need to remove jumpers or even open my case.

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                Thanks for the information. I’m going to report this to our engineers as an FYI, since you are using  Linux OS.

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                  I think it's a shame that Intel only supports this NUC for Windows 8/8.1 only. Not even 7! I am convinced that most people want to use this low-cost device with Linux instead of doubling the expenses by buying a Windows 8.1 license - apart from the question if one would like to use Windows at all (I think most computer enthusiasts won't).


                  So I'd like to advice you to take the majority of the DN2820FYKH customers more seriously. This device will be used as a HTPC in many cases (if not the most). The latest BIOS version makes this device completely useless as a HTPC because of its resume issues!

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                    Its taken me some time to realize there was another Firmware update on May 13:


                    BIOS Version 0034 - FYBYT10H.86A.0034.2014.0513.1413


                    But it has the same 'no USB after sleep' behavior in Debian Jessie.


                    I reverted to BIOS v 0028 again.

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                        I've more or less the same issue about suspend and USB with Debian Jessie.

                      I noticed that after a resume from a suspend to ram the module xhci_hcd go crazy.

                      To bypass the problem you have to reload that module, removing it with rmmod and reloading it with modprobe.

                      Is possibile to automate the process putting this little script called 10-usbquirk.sh in /etc/pm/sleep.d (with the execution bit set chmod +x 10-usbquirk.sh):



                      case $1 in






                        rmmod xhci_hcd

                        sleep 0.5

                        modprobe xhci_hcd



                        rmmod xhci_hcd

                        sleep 0.5

                        modprobe xhci_hcd







                      I hope this would be usefull.

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                        Wake from sleep no longer causes a problem for me with the latest Debian Jessie and BIOS 0040.