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    7260 still drops connection with newest driver


      I have had an XPS 15 Touch (XPS 15-9530) with the Dual Wireless-N 7260 card running Windows 8.1 Update and have had no end of problems with wireless connectivity.  I am on driver 17.0.0 and set Power Options to Maximum Performance for my wireless card.  I had these same problems back when I was on Windows 8.1 with the 16.10 driver (I think that was the version) when I first got the laptop and the driver update didn't sort it out.  The main symptom I see is that when I'm on my home wireless network, suddenly my wireless connection goes to Limited and I need to toggle Airplane Mode on and off quickly to reconnect and regain internet access.  A secondary symptom is that I have no end of problems joining wireless networks at restaurants and coffee shops and also joining my iPhone's tethered network (I eventually just gave up and tethered via Bluetooth).


      My home network is an Airport Extreme dual-band network, extended by my basement's Airport Express.  Automatic channel selection is enabled but it always seems to stay on the same channels: for 5.0GHz both the Extreme and the Express are running on channel "149+153" and for 2.4GHz the Extreme is on channel 1 and the Express is on channel 11.


      Is there something I can do to help troubleshoot this?  I will try to attach the logging from a recent drop.  I noticed the connection drop at 9:40am, although it may have dropped up to a minute before.  I then toggled Airplane mode at 9:42am and regained my connection at 9:43am.

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