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      Hello, maybe someone can help me.


      2 years ago I built my first computer. Ever scince I have been diagnosing a random reboot problem. Im not the smartest person when it comes to computers but I did build this computer for gaming. My spec are as follows:

      Antec 900


      E8400 Wolfdale >>> Zalman 7900 Heatsink

      EVGA 8800GTS

      Antec Neo 650

      Corsair 2x1 GB

      Vista 32

      300GB HDD SATA


      Nothing is overclocked. I have never messed with any bios settings. The bios is uptodate as of Today. The bios reads that my cpu is Idling at 75C.

      Could the sncors be wrong and thinking its overheating causing random reboots? Could I have a defective mobo or cpu? I know its not my Ram, I have tested it along with my VGA in another computer. These reboots are very random. I can start my computer one day and run it for 4 hours before it reboots. Another day I can start it and it might reboot 5 times in an hour??? I do not have to run a program for it to reboot. I have reseated the cpu, reseated the heat sink MULTIPLE times with various amounts or therm grease. I am seating the heat sink properly. I can run everthing compterably off of 550 Watts so I know its not my PSU. My HDD does not have any bad sectors. I have tested all my fans at different speeds and adjusted the airflow. I get no change in temp. I have done everything I can think of except water cooling but I dont see why I would need to water cool a cpu at an IDLE temperature, maybe Im wrong.


      Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.