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    Intel HD Graphics Driver has stopped responding and recovered




      I wanted to post here because I've been having this issue for about a week. Lately my laptop display keeps distorting and switching to blue, grey, and black screens every few seconds. This happens randomly. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to go 30 minutes to 2 hours without it occurring, but other times it completely prevents me from doing anything. It happens when I watch videos, read web pages, skype with people, and sometimes even when I'm just viewing my desktop. I'm aware that this issue has been raised before, and I've tried most of the solutions posted. After upgrading my Intel driver, BIOS, disabling Intel Virtualization and using system restore, it seemed that the problem went away. After a few hours, it emerged again.


      I am using a Dell XPS l702x that I purchased in 2011. Has this issue been solved? I haven't been able to find a solution that is working for me. Here is dxdiag information: dxdiag - Pastebin.com


      I'd appreciate any other insight on this issue. Maybe someone here can help me solve this.