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    5554898 Forced 1080i in some DX11 games is causing screen flicker.


      Hey Folks,


      When loading DX11 games in full-screen at 1920x1080, the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel sometimes forcefully changes the video output to 60i Hz from 60p Hz. As a result, it causes horrible screen flicker. Changing the game to run in windowed mode returns it to 60p Hz and removes the flicker, as does changing the resolution from 1920x1080 to something else. This is only noticeable on the SECOND screen, which is a plug 'n play standard 1080p monitor.


      PC Specification:


      Graphics: GTX 880m (running driver 337.50 beta - no alternative version available yet) & Intel HD 4600 integrated (running latest drivers).

      CPU: Intel i7 4910MQ 2.90 GHz.

      RAM: 16GB DDR3.

      2nd Monitor: 24" 1080p LED screen operating at 60Hz connected via DisplayPort -> HDMI (though HDMI -> HDMI makes no difference).

      OS: Windows 7 Pro SP1.


      Why would the Intel drivers be automatically forcing my resolution to 1080 interlaced when the monitor can (and does) support 1080 progressive in every other context?



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