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    Limited Range RGB over HDMI


      Dear Intel staff,


      This issue has been raised countless times on this forum (and others) for the past few years, but with no result


      So, I am going to raise it yet again, as a sort of reminder to the techies at Intel (and Nvidia) to fix their display drivers


      Problem : Limited range RGB over HDMI, when connected to PC monitors

                     (Only occurs with monitors connected to Intel HD Graphics/Nvidia graphic cards)


      Reason: Monitors are being recognized as 'digital televisions' and not monitors, hence are fed limited range RGB (16-235), intended for HDTVs

                    as opposed to full range RGB (0-255)


      Results: Colors are washed out, banding is ever so obvious (especially on better displays)

                   Not cool for people who rely on color accuracy for a living


      Analysis: Some, more ambitious individuals have been so frustrated by the lack of acknowledgement/response/action to this problem, they have gone to

                     the extent of editing EDID information of their monitors, in order for display drivers to forcefully feed the full range RGB to their monitors

                     This has worked, but it is an unnecessary hassle for the end user

      Solution: 1) Edit display driver information to recognize PC monitors over HDMI as monitors, and not 'digital televisions'

                         That way, full range RGB can be delivered when it detects a monitor


                     2) Alternatively, have an on/off feature for this functionality under the display adapter properties (similar to what you've done for the video overlay feature)

                         Please note, an earlier response by your staff that this problem has been fixed is INACCURATE. This is in relation to enabling full range RGB

                         for video overlay (refer https://communities.intel.com/message/226974#226974)


                        As stated, it is an overlay for video only. Colors are still washed out, pretty much the rest of the time (ie, when not watching a video)


      Why does this need to be solved?

      - An increasing number of monitors nowadays only come with HDMI/Display port. If the latter is not an option, you're stuck with HDMI!


      I am confident that your staff have the technical know how to solve this problem. It has been way too long, so please don't turn a blind eye or a deaf ear


      This is an entirely Intel/Nvidia problem

      AMD APUs/Graphic cards do not have this problem


      I have always been an Intel/Nvidia person, and looking to stay that way


      Hoping for some good news from you guys! It will definitely bring plenty of smiles to existing frustrated users


      Thank you and have a pleasant day!