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    Rapid Storage Tech - configuration for SSD


      I can't work out whether this is a chipset, application or SSD question so forgive me for being confused. If it's the wrong place, maybe an admin could move it and maybe the support choices could be clearer.

      My Dell Vostro 3460 has a 32GB Samsung mSata acting as a cache for the Hitachi 500GB HDD. This is controlled by Intel Rapid Storage Tech.Intel RST status.PNG


      I just bought a Crucial M550 1TB SSD to install in place of the existing HDD and have had nothing but problems getting the system to boot up. There appears to be some Intel config which comes up under some circumstances pre launching windows which invites you to press Crtl-I to get into it - I saw it a couple of times when disk swapping yesterday but not today.

      What settings does RST require so I can install a single SSD as boot drive? I would guess don't need the 32GB SSD to act as a cache to the 1TB SSD but I can't find any reference to this anywhere.

      I used MiniTool to diskcopy the old drive to the new one as per a guide I found and it seemed to work OK. I did it twice - the first time before I found out about RST and couldn't get anything to boot and then the second time after turning off acceleration in RST (and boy, did that slow the system down) because someone suggested the mSATA cache might be confusing the copy tool.

      crucial after diskcopy.png

      Disk 1 is the original HDD, the 8GB Disk 2 is something to do with the Samsung SSD used as cache, and Disk 3 is how Mini Tool created the 1TB SSD.


      I replaced the HDD with this SSD but the system won't boot - BIOS OK but WIndows won't boot.

      The SSD can be seen in Explorer:

      crucial in explorer.PNG

      If I swap this SSD into the Dell where the HDD was, it won't boot.

      If I try to boot from USB storage with either the orginal HDD or the new SSD, it won't boot.

      The only config which I can get working is the original HDD in the Dell (not the caddy).


      What settings do I need for the RST to make it accept a 1TB SSD and how do I get the Intel thing that used to come up during boot to come up again and what settings do I need for that? Thanks.

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          Let me help you with this.


          It is important to say that the CTRL-I option you saw at the beginning is because the chipset mode is set as RAID so in the case it is not visible anymore, I recommend you checking at the BIOS level for the Chipset mode to be set as RAID.


          New Branded computers (OEMs) come with their original Operating System that has been designed specifically for that computer to make sure that all components will be working fine. If changing the hardware or the software you may lose special features from the system.


          I recommend you checking the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology user guide at this link: