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    Intel D865Perl Issue


      About 2 days ago when I booted up my computer I recieved no video. Video card is an ATI Radeon Pro 9700 , Yet I hear the windows startup sound and everyting else seems to go, I removed the battery from the Motherboard and waited an hour , put the battery back in reset the time in the bios and boot order and all seemed OK:  Video Restored , Four hours later when I went to shut the computer off, It turned off the video and I heard the drives turn off yet all the fans continue to spin, I then turned off the computer with the power switch on the power supply, Well, next time I tried the computer, same thing happened as before No Video . I went threw the same process and got my video back , I have ckecked all my drivers and they are up to date , I also have the most current Bios for the Mobo,,  Very puzzling No Video on boot up and computer will not turn Off , I have added no new software and no new hardware in months.  Any Ideas ???