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    Overclock Core i3 Haswell or not? (3May2014)


      I have Googled this to death and about 50% of the 'Net says they will overclock and the other half says no way they can overclock.


      Can some knowledgeable person tell me straight on this once and for all?


      All LGA 1150 and all Haswell, of course:


      1) Core i3-4130


      2) Core i3-4130T


      3) Core i3-4330


      4) Core i3-4340


      I have read all about the 'K' designator for overclock-able CPUs and none of these 4 have it. However, like I mentioned, there are 'experts' who have

      completely opposite opinions on this. They say generally that although the information about Haswell before they were released was that they would be locked.

      THEN they say that Intel backtracked and unlocked them.


      Which is true? Does the 'No K, no overclock' still stand?


      Thank you for any information you can provide me.