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    HDMI connected external laptop monitor cycles between being recognized and not


      I am having problems trying to connect an external computer monitor to my AO756 Acer Aspire One laptop.


      I have been able to do it successfully only twice.  Here is what happens now when I try to connect using HDMI:


      When the computer boots up, the HDMI connected monitor shows the Acer BIOS splash screen and the "Starting Windows" splash screen.  But when the log in screen comes up, it will not show on the HDMI monitor.  The monitor changes and shows "No signal".


      When I log in and go to the Intel Graphics Control Panel, or the Device Manager, I can see that the monitor shows up briefly as recognized and then disappears and then shows up again in a repeating cycle.  There is also a warning beep for when it is recognized and then drops off again.


      Another clue is that when it was working, my sound system showed that the monitor was available as a speaker system and my monitor has no sound.  I removed the sound device and it hasn't show up since.