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    Do you unzip the Debian USB file?




      Apologies, if this seems like a very basic question. Are you supposed to unzip the Debian USB image that is available on IoT devkit website and then burn it to a usb stick? When I try to unzip it it produces an error halfway through. I'm not sure what is the correct way to do it.



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          Yes, you should unzip it.

          It is 'bz2' zipped, so on linux, unix or Mac OS X you can use the 'bzip2' command to unzip it:

          bzip2 -d devkit-live-image-final.binblob.bz2


          This will give you a file name devkit-live-image-final.binblob, which you then copy to a USB Thumbdrive with the 'dd' command.


          I did this on my Apple Mac and it worked without any problems.