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    New PROSet software/driver for 7260 AC disabled/crippled wide channel in 2.4Ghz Wireless N


      Joe_Intel or anyone from Intel  PLEASE READ THIS



      I purchased and installed a new  7260 AC card for my HP notebook 3277NR. I have my router and adapter settings to run at 2.4Ghz with wide channel (40Mhz)

      I AM NOT ABLE TO GET 300Mbps with the 7260 using the lastest driver (PROSet 17.0.0_64.exe in Windows 7, Driver dated 2/18/2014).

      The maximum speed I got for 7260 card latest drivers was 144Mbps, because the latest drivers/software CRIPPLED the wide channel (even though adapter settings is set to "auto" in 2.4ghz channel).


      I had to uninstall latest drivers and install the PREVIOUSLY RELEASED VERSION (PROSet 16.10.0_s64.exe for windows 7, Driver dated 1/28/2014). Now I get 300Mbps before I couldn't. INTEL Please DO NOT DISABLE the wide channel mode (2.5Ghz band) in your future drivers because there is no point of using a 2x2 Intel card if you cant get full speed in wide channel.