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    How to identify "non-OEM" MOBO D975XBX2 ??


      I have been searching for several days.  I thought I finally had one picked out on eBay.  It listed it as a "NEW D975XBX2".  But then I saw further down in the ad, it said "OEM".  Even Intel's site is very mysterious about this.  They list several Model numbers for this unit.  On Intel's site on this page ( http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/d975xbx2/sb/CS-023489.htm ), directly under their own heading for "D975XBX2" they list numbers that I have seen listed as OEM Model numbers.  Here is a screenshot from that page :




      All Models they list are NOT D975XBX2 !!


      But the main problem is almost all sites that sell OEM versions of this board simply list it as "D975XBX2".  Is there an OEM MOBO that has that exact same Model number?  Or are they supposed to have other characters before or after.  For example, I have seen ALL of these :


      Retail:             D975XBX2

      OEM (I "think" these are OEM - not 100% sure):

                 BLKD975XBX2,   BOXD975XBX2,   D975XBX2KR,

                  BOXD975XBXLKR, BLKD975XBXLKR, LAD975XBX2LKR


      I have also seen OEM part numbers listed like this:

      BLKD975XBX2KR 885036 885036

      BOXD975XBX2KR 885040 885040

      LAD975XBX2LKR 884201 884201


      I did read this which clearly says "Stay Away from the LAD975XBX2LKR " :


      BOX/BLKD975XBX2KR vs LAD975XBX2LKR -  the LAD975XBX2LKR audio controller is different, the number of SATA ports is cut in half, the 1394a ports have been removed and the warranty has been lowered from three years down to just a single year. It's obvious from the configuration page that the LAD975XBX2LKR will be the budget Bad Axe 2 motherboard


      Anyway - does anyone know where I can buy a "Non-OEM" Intel D975XBX2  ??