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    TPM Measurement


      For TPM enabled Intel Server Boards is there any document that describes what is being measured and stored in PCRs? I have looked at the Technical Product Specifications for a number of boards found here but they only state "The server board implements TPM as per TPM PC Client specifications revision 1.2". The problem is TPM client specification is huge and has both required and optional requirements and if I don't know what went into the measurements how can they supply me with any level of trust?


      This question started when I was experimenting on server (Xeon based but not an Intel Board) and I was trying to see if changing BIOS settings would change the value of PCR1 which according to my research should have been the case. As it turned out none of the BIOS configuration changes (boot order, disabling devices, changing the BIOS password, ...) where effecting the PCR value. Eventually I confirmed with the vendor that they had not implemented any of these measurements which was disappointing. I am looking to avoid a trial and error approach and understand what is actually being measured so I can select a board that meets my needs. So far my inquires to Intel and other manufacturers have been met with generic "We Support TPM" responses. Is there anywhere to get more information?