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    Intel Graphics Control Panel drops 2nd Monitor with KVM


      Good afternoon all,


      This is a little involved so stick with me while I see if I can explain this in a way that will make sense.


      I am running a brand new Dell i7 ultra Book (7440) and an i5 Dell desktop through a StarTech 2 port DVI / VGA  dual monitor KVM switch to a pair of Dell monitors.


      This arrangement has worked fine for the past year with my old Dell laptop (6410). But since I traded out the old Dell laptop for my new Dell Ultra Book, I have a problem.


      When I am working in the latop and use the KVM to switch to my desktop, that all goes fine, but when I switch back to the laptop, it has dropped the second monitor and nothing I can do will bring it back except for re-booting the laptop. That brings the second monitor back.


      In all other cases, no matter what Combination I try (extending the displays, cloning the displays, etc, it says it can't save my changes and the monitor stays dark until I reboot


      If I switch back to my desktop, both monitors work again, as always. So I am pretty sure that the problem resides in the new laptop. Just don't know if there is a setting or a driver or updated application I can use to resolve this. It makes for real problems being abl eto toggle between environments.


      Thanks in advance,