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    Galileo Debian v1.1 image


      I have uploaded v1.1 of the Galileo Debian image to galileo-debian - Browse /SD card Image at SourceForge.net . This image addresses the following issues:


      * EFI partition is marked as bootable in case that helps with the booting from an SD card

      * ssh server is now included so it is possible to ssh into the system on the first boot

      * the udev persistant-net rules file has been removed allowing the network device to show up as eth0 so it will get an IP address. I have some further work to do on this, but it seems to be working for the typical cases.

      * The C library has been rebuilt with a workaround for the pthread crashing bug. It's not a formal fix, but it does let ssh work.

      * root filesystem resizing should now work. The wiki has been updated with a working procedure.

      * Image size should be a little bit smaller so it will fit onto 1G cards that are really a little bit less than 1G


      If you already have the 1.0 image up and running you can upgrade you system via apt using "apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade".


      Thank you to the few dozen people that downloaded the 1.0 image. I hope this one will be even easier to use.


      If you have problems, reply here. If it works for you, it would also be nice to hear from also.

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