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    Please help me decide if CPU dead


      I built a new i5 4670k system with an ASUS board a few weeks ago.  ran perfect, and died in 24 hours.

      all signs pointed to the mobo, it's wouldn't respond to power switch AT ALL.  no fans no nothing.  did all the troubleshooting I knew.  RMA'd mobo

      got new one in last night, re-built and it when you fire it up, all the fans spin up but the CPU fan does something strange:


      It turns once, and stops.  turns again and stops.  then cranks at full blast for a sec then slowly comes down to a whisper idle speed.

      all the while there are no mobo beeps, no post, no screen, NOTHING.

      I've tried removing ram, video card.....still no post.


      Could it be possible I have a bad chip?  This is my 17th build and i've never dealt with this issue.


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          Rxguy, I suggest you verifying the motherboard documentation for expected behaviors during troubleshooting; usually you should get some kind of LED or beep activity when the unit is turned on without memory or graphics. Testing the system with minimum components and out of the chassis is also advised.


          If you have replaced the motherboard and both power supply cables are connected, and there is no sign of activity other than the one you have described above, I would assume this would be a bad processor. You may contact your local Intel® support if needed.

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            The previous board that functioned for 24 hours did not do this cpu fan stuttering when it started, also there was a single beep when i first built it, signifying a good POST. 

            This one does not post, without any components installed or with all installed.


            I just took it down to a local shop, and they're going to test the chip in a known functioning board to determine for me if the chip is indeed bad.  thanks for your comment