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    Intel HD4600 keeps reseting the setup with multiple monitors


      Hi All,


      Our company bought a number of Dell precision M4800 laptops and we are Win8.1 Enterprise on them. The only problem we have is in using the Intel graphic card (HD4600) with multiple monitors.


      When there is 1 or more monitors attached, regardless of the cable used (tried DSub, Display port and HDMI) so any subsequent change to the graphical/display settings in Windows (like monitor's layout or resolution, main monitor settings) is not applied. In fact what happens is that the settings applied and is OK, but after aprox. 5 seconds everything returns back to default. This is especially annoying when we need to set monitors' layout.


      I have already tried to uninstall everything what could cause this (which includes the AMD card) but nothing helped so far.


      I would appreciate any ideas.