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    D54250WYKH - Wake - Never Does


      I see many people with issues getting their NUC to sleep (constant reboot loop). I am having a different issue.

      I would like my NUC to stay on full-time...or at least wake from sleep when requested.

      • I have set everything in Windows 7 to Never
      • I have changed settings in the bios numerous times to no avail.
      • I have changed power settings on the NIC


      The NUC will not wake from:

      • WoL (wake-on-lan utility, and teamviewer WoL utility)
      • Mouse or Keyboard movement (I read this is by design)
      • Power button


      My unit sleeps after 10 minutes:

      • Power light stays green
      • NIC light green with some activity

      Pressing the power button does nothing


      I end up having to hold the power button in to shut the NUC off completely - then power it back on.

      I really need this to stay on 24-7 as my goal is to place NUCs in several locations that only have one single NUC, so no other devices on the network to send a WoL magic packet.


      Thank you for any suggestions.