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    D945GCNL M/Board Corrupt System Date/Time


      Having just replaced a faulty PSU on a generic desktop with the Intel D945GCNL M/B, machine starts up with various alerts about battery backup failing & system date/time not being set, followed by successful loading of WinXP but with corrupt system date/time. The date year appears as something like 16014 and correcting it is never carried over on restart, even when not removing the power & having changed the CMOS battery. Checking in the BIOS (latest NL94510J.86A ver. 0036) shows the labels at the bottom of the first page for the date & time but there are no fields to alter. Have flashed BIOS back to a previous version (0033), then back to latest but cannot get date/time fields to display.


      Anyone else had similar experience & can offer any advice?


      Motherboard cooked?

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          Hello scb31,


          I am sorry you are having problems with this unit but let me help you.


          Based on your description I would say that the problem is the motherboard battery. When the batter fails the system starts behaving strange and just like the issue you are experimenting. I would recommend changing the battery for a new one.


          Another thing that can be affecting is that  Windows have an option under Date and Time that synchronizes the Time and date with an internet Time server so disabling this option may help.

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            Hi Kevin


            Thanks for response but as already mentioned, I tried replacing battery & have also kept machine permanently connected to the mains but even after having cleared down the BIOS error log, still get the errors & corrupt date/time.


            What I didn't mention was that I have also booted computer to DOS and running the DATE command still shows corrupt year so not a Windows or time server problem.


            None of this would explain why the date/time fields are missing from the BIOS either.


            Any other thoughts?

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              I have not heard about this problem with our boards. IF after doing these steps issue persist, I recommend you contacting your Intel® local support so they can check the unit or replace it if necessary