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    Need help with DX79TO POST issue


      Hey guys, I'm having a huge problem trying to get past POST on my machine.  I'm basically seeing two scenarios:

           -  In one, it lands on POST code 33 and just hangs for like 5-10 minutes before doing a hard reboot

           - In the second, more common one, it cycles through a few codes, lands on 21 for about 30 seconds, then continues through b0, b1, b2, b7 then does a hard reboot


      In neither case does the video ever come up - I'm reading these off the LED display on the board itself.  At this point I've removed the audio and video cards, removed all but one RAM stick, and unplugged power for the HDDs and blue ray drive. 


      Does anyone have any idea what the issue could be? dx79

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          Hello PapaZito,


          I am sorry you are having problems with this unit but let me help you.


          There are some troubleshooting steps I would like you to try:

          1. Disconnect all components from the motherboard (HDD, Video Card, Audio Cards, power supply, etc) for about 20-30 minutes.
          2. If possible place the unit in a non conducted surface like glass or wood.
          3. Reconnect some components to get minimum configuration (1 stick of RAM, 1 HDD. No Video cards or audio cards).


          Let me know.

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            Hi Kevin, thanks for your reply.  I did the above and didn't see any change in behavior.


            I took a video that shows both POST sequences, would uploading that somewhere be of any help?

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              A video would help to have a picture of what you are talking about; however, based on the information you have provided and the steps you have done I would say that may be a problem either with the motherboard or the processor so I recommend you contacting our technical support for them to help you checking the unit and replacing it if necessary.


              Here you have the contact information: