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    Intel drivers stop working and recover


      A couple of days ago this very annoying problem started on my Samsung RC520 laptop. I've had it for years and it's the first time doing something like this.

      While browsing the internet and more often than not while in YouTube, the screen will freeze, go black, and then come back. A bubble pops up saying the intel graphic driver stopped but recovered successfully.

      Well that's all nice and neat but it's doing it a lot, and I mean, several times per hour. It's a major annoyance.


      What I've tried:

      - Going to programs and uninstalling the Intel HD graphics driver from there, rebooting, installing the latest driver for my type of processor (3000).

      - Uninstalling the driver again and rolling back to one from November 2013 (from the Intel website)

      - Uninstalling that driver and going back to the original shipped with the laptop, from 2011.

      - Going to the earliest restore point (4 days ago, after some Windows 7 update hot fix), didn't work either.

      - Since it happened on YouTube the most, uninstalled Flash and reinstalled it.


      All of them started working well, and then after some 30 minutes, it just starts happening all over again.


      The problem happens while doing very basic stuff like changing tabs in Google Chrome, or exiting out of full screen in YouTube...


      Here's a link to my DxDiag : DxDiag 28042014 - Pastebin.com


      Please help, I've searched the forums but there's nothing beyond "Install the latest drivers", which doesn't solve it. I really, really don't feel like formatting my computer.stl