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    Windows7 ntvdm.exe problem with 4th generation Intel processors


      Hello everyone,


      We are experiencing strange behavior with several brand new computers running windows7 and equpped wit 4th generation Intel processors.

      We can reproduce it easily, and have done tests with 4010U, 4340 i3 and 4200U i5...

      Actually, everything works fine, except the first run of ntvdm.exe that takes between 5 and 10 seconds before being executed, using 25% of cpu during this time.

      If you open a cmd window and try to execute little things as "mem.exe" or "edit.exe", it stays like dead during 10 sec then run the command, if you keep the window open and relaunch the same 16bits application or another one, it's working fine.

      Open another cmd window and the first launch is slow.

      We don't have the problem on computers running windows 8.

      We have tried many things from days but without success until now.

      I've posted this in processors section because of another constatation : if you install a graphic card in the computer, the problem doesn't appear !

      So for towers machines, we can turnaround but not that easy with laptops (toshiba tecra Z50) or NUC...


      So, only the old programs using ntvdm are affected and after a little patience they do will work but it's a bit annoying to tell a customer that their brand new computer is slower that the odl one it replace to launch old (and light) programs...

      If anyone can help, thanks already !

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