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    i7-4800MQ shows lower speed in system properties.


      I recently bought Lenovo T440P with i7-4800MQ which is suppose to be able run with up to 3.7GHz speed, but once I received it I noticed when running computational intensive simulations it never reaches above 2.7GHz. Also in PC information I can see it shows clock speed of 2.7GHz (I also checked in BIOS same store, shows 2.7GHz).


      My initial guess is that Motherboard is not able to support max speed of the CPU, but I am not 100% sure. Or is there something that should be set to take advantage of full power of CPU?


      I am not sure why Lenovo would install powerful CPU on the motherboard that can't handle full power, if that's the case.


      Does anyone have any idea why this could be happening?


      My CPU-Z report attached.


      Any comments or ideas would be appreciated.


      Thank you.