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    Four Disk RAID 10 fails with 3 good disks


      I have an Intel motherboard and use four 500gb drives in a RAID 10 configuration.  One of the drives went bad and the array status was reported as "degraded."  I replaced the bad drive and, on restart, the Matrix driver now reported the array status as "Failed".  The new drive was listed as a "Non-Member Disk".  The array is not bootable.  Why didn't the driver try to rebuild the array since 3 of the 4 drives are member disks?  Why is the array not bootable?  I put the old "bad" drive back in and restarted.  The driver still showed the array as failed and the status of the old drive was listed as "Unknown Disk."  I've swapped them back and forth a few times with the same result.  What now?

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          How long has the RAID 10 been setup for? You might have a bad batch for drives if this is a new build.

          Any overclocking been done?

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            The answer you received is more than likely incorrect. The real problem is with the Intel hardware itself. I just received a brand new Alienware system and had this problem occur. Did some testing after having rebuilt the RAID 10 array from scratch, guess what? The Intel hardware appears to NOT be able to consistently recover from a single drive failure. This RAID controller should not be used at all until these issues are fixed. Read the many other posts with this very same issue. Everyone has been complaining for months about this problem.