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    Upgrading a D945GPM mother board for Win 7?


      I am attempting to update my old desktop PC (Intel D945GPM MB) from Win XP (end of life) to Win 7.


      Ran MS upgrae program and I thouhgt I was good to go.


      I purchased a copy of Win 7 then ...


      I noticed that there are no Win 7 drivers available for this motherboard.


      Am I screwed?

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          The following article provides a list of the supported operating systems for each motherboard model.

          Desktop Boards; Supported operating systems

          Perhaps you could also get drivers via Windows* Update.

          I am sorry for any inconvenience.

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            We do not formally support Windows 7 on these older boards, but all is not lost. Coverage for most of the processors, chipsets and motherboard components used on these boards is provided within Windows Update and will be automatically installed as part of the Windows 7 installation process. There are exceptions, however; I suggest that you do a trial install and, once complete, run the [Control Panel] Device Manager applet and see what has been flagged as not handled. If you can live without the unhandled items (if any), great. If not, you might want to consider coming forward a few generations...