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    Recall of (just-received) Postville drive?


      I received a Postville (X25-M Gen2) drive Thursday.

      Today I received an e-mail from the vendor indicating that they were notified today of a recall on my drive.

      (They also left voice mail, without explanation, which I assume is about the same thing.)

      I got this too late to call them today, so I can't contact them until Monday.


      Does anyone know anything about this?  I was just about to install the drive...


      UPC on the generic-looking plain brown box is 7 35858 20858 1.

      Pack date: 24 JUN 09.

      Model number on the box: SSDSA2MH080G2C1,

      Model number on the drive: SSDSA2M0808G2GC. 2.5"

      FW: 02G2