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    DN2820, Once again no video/POST


      I have three DN2820's that after numerous, numerous problems initially finally got running and have been running without much issues for about 2 months now until this morning. I had initially set the NUC up with Intel Fastboot (USB optimization, etc) so this morning when i decided i wanted to install a different OS the only way to get to the boot menu was to try unplugging it while powered on and plugging it back in (as stated in the forums here). This did not work so i opened the NUC up and moved the jumpers to pins 2-3 and powered back on to clear the BIOS. After doing this there was no POST/Video on the screen. The NUC will power up and the fans are on but there is no video on the screen and no POST. i tried removing the BIOS jumper and powering it on, putting bit back to pins 1-2 , etc numerous times with no results.


      Any ideas what else i can do, the memory is good, i moved it to another 2820 i have and it powered up fine. I tried another TV, another HDMI cable, etc ( even though i did not really think this was the issue as this exact setup was working before i tried to clear the CMOS).


      Is there anything else i can do? or will i have to send this back to Intel?

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          Ignore, i solved this myself. Come to find out setting those jumpers does not fully reset the BIOS (or at least it did not in my case). I had to remove the entire motherboard of the NUC, flip it over and after some looking around i found the battery which was connected to the motherboard by two small wires, i unplugged those (with the NUC unplugged) and waited about 30 seconds, then plugged them back in and booted the NUC back up and the CMOS was cleared and it booted successfully. So if anyone else is having no boot/video issues you might want to try removing the battery cable from the backside of the motherboard to fully reset the CMOS.

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            It is good to hear you solve it and thank you for sharing the information with us.