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    mPCIe on NUC D34010WYB


      The mPCIe power-on, reset logic is not up to spec. The PCIE RSET is 185 MS before 3.3v is available. This reset should be after and not before power.


      This is preventing from mPCIe cards from functioning correctly when power is first applied. the system function after reboot.


      Intel should make a change to power on first, than reset.


      BIOS version 0025 3/3/2014


      i have attached the actual power on scope sequence showing the power comes on 185ms after the reset.


      Please advise.

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          TomG, thanks a lot for contacting us through the Intel communities.

          In regards to your question, I’m going to check that information with our engineers.

          Once I receive a response from them I will contact you back.

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            Hello TomG,


            I've asked the NUC engineering team to take a look at your report. In the meantime - what prompted you to dig into this? Were you having some issues with a mPCIe card?



            Lois H.


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              We tried using a mPCIe video capture card


              YUAN 330 N4




              We had some cards work fine and others from the same lot did not... what i mean is... they would not show up in windows device manager on startup (power unplugged, then plug power in, press power button). but after reboot they would. an engineer looked at the power and reset timing and determined reset came before the card had power.


              we think this is a common issue... but not realized by people... since most people do not remove power.

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                Hi TomG,


                Engineering tells me that they have found the root cause of this sequencing problem and are working on a BIOS fix for it. I do not have an ETA yet on when it will be ready for production.





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                  Lois, you can send BIOS update to support@irsavideo.com  they will know what this is regarding. Thanks. Tom.

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                    Lois, i have not received any BIOS update.... please send to support@irsavideo.com. Thanks. Tom

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                      Hi Tom,


                      That's very odd - I emailed it to that address on May 29. Just sent it again, so let me know if it does not arrive shortly.




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                        Hi Tom,


                        I just got this auto-reply to the email I sent you:


                        This is to acknowledge that your request was created with the ID 409 and subject "FW: Test BIOS for NUC issue with mini PCIe card power".
                        It will be reviewed by a support representative and a response will be sent shortly.

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                          We have had "hit or miss" luck with our solid state drives working with the D54250WYK. I'm not sure if its related.


                          Most of the time drives work but when a drive "does not work" its with a specific unit. If we use another drive, or that same drive in another unit, we eventually find a combination that works.


                          Again .. not sure if its related.

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                            Lois, were their any release notes? Also. we see the same issue happening to USB port.. on power up the USB device does not initialize properly. once you reboot the device works, until the NUC is powered down.... I'm wondering if the BIOS test file you sent influences the USB power on sequence?

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                              No official release notes are created for beta or test BIOS versions. Based on the engineers notes below, I don't believe there was any impact on USB functionality.


                              We were able to reproduce the invalid power and reset sequencing on Wilson Canyon the customer was seeing, it’s a hardware issue but I believe there can be a BIOS workaround.


                              Currently there is a hardware work for the Intel 525 mSATA SSD to keep power off after a G3 to S5 transition.  Once the system transitions from S5 to S0 BIOS sets the GPIO below LOW which turns the power on to the mSATA/mini-PCIe slot.


                              This hardware workaround of keeping the power off until BIOS sets the GPIO causes RESET to the slot to release before power is valid.  This is causing a spec violation and a failure with the customers’ card.


                              I propose a setup question to enable power to the Full Length Mini-PCIe / mSATA connector power all the time, or to handle the GPIO how it’s currently handled.  I’m not sure how BIOS is currently setting the GPIO in S3/S4/S5, but the default should be to handle the GPIO the way it’s currently being handled.


                              The new option, if enabled, would change the AFTERG3_EN bit so the system would always power on after G3 to S5.  If the after power failure setup option was set for power on BIOS would need to program GPIO46 low, then perform a warm reset.  If the after power failure option was set for stay off, then the system would power on, BIOS would set GPIO46 low, then transition to S5.



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                                Lois, thank you for the explanation. we think there is a related or related issue with some USB devices where they are not recognized until a OS level restart is done. we will test the BIOS release. Tom.

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                                  So... has this been resolved yet? If the RSET timing has been addressed in BIOS, there is still a compatibility problem. Please see this post:


                                  NUC BIOS PCIe 1.0a backwards compatibility?


                                  I'm still waiting on an official fix.