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    Motherboard DQ67OW fails to wake up from hibernate


      Hi everybody. I've got a problem with a DQ67OW motherboard. Because I have to use it in an automatic system, where the PC has to wake up from hibernation, has to start a program and stop it, I need to use a HIBERNATION function. The problem appears in this way: I put the PC in hibernation from Win7 using the power supply button (or in final version with a program WakeUpOnstandby); then I unplug the power supply. After some time I reconnect the power supply and start the PC with power button. At this point a LOT OF TIMES appaire a text like this:

      "The firmware of the sistem can't conserve the map of memory of the system during the transition from the state of hibernation.....Verify if it is available an upgrade of the firmware from the system propietary because this could be solved the issue" (in Italian).


      "impossible to stop the state of hibernation of the computer

      state 0xC0000411

      Informations: error during elaboration of data

      file: \ hiberfill.sys"


      Because I tried on time to format all the HDD (an SSD) an install the OS from the Clean Installation, with just the Intel drivers installed and the drivers of video board (nvidia Geforce 210) without any kind of positive results, I asked someone a risolutive help.