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    video dxgkrnl fatal_error


      i have done new window 8.1 pro on my laptop  Hp pavilion notebook 15 n007se

      i have installed all the drivers from website.... but when i close my laptop lid and reopen it 2 blinks appear and a blue screen apppear with sad smiley on it WITh a error

      video dxgkrnl fatal_error

      i uninstalled all the drivers  except when i tried to remove intel hd driver that thing happen again with same error .. i cant even update remove downgrade driver...

      while instalation screen flash happen and after 1 sec that screen with same error appear video dxgkrnl fatal_error

      please help me  :smileysad: i am very tired of this ...

      same thing happen when i try to run any game like bf4 or wow screen flashes and then that error

      any help would be appreciated :smileyhappy: