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    DN2820FYKH - No indication it's doing anything.




      I have my DN2820FYKH set up, After initially not realising it needs Low Voltage RAM, I went out and bought a 4GB stick.

      I have a HDD installed, and tried to power on.


      Nothing. No beep, no hum, no lights flashing, only the power button was lit up. Nothing on the TV Screen.


      So i changed TV. It powered on, and the correct loading screen started. But it wouldn't recognise the USB device. I was trying to install XBMCBuntu from a flash drive. So i went into BIOS and checked settings, and asked it politely to boot from Flash drive first.

      No difference, so I went back in, and asked it to ignore the other boot option (I think it was network boot)


      I power it on now, and it boots for a second, then shuts down.


      If I take out the RAM, it doesn't shut down, but there is no display on the screen...


      These NUC's seem to be a lot more hassle than they are worth.

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          This is it powering up and off.


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            Hello Kwyjibo, first of all I would like to apologize for so much trouble you are having with your NUC.



            There are a few things that may have caused this behavior on your device.  It might need a BIOS update, so I recommend you to please check which is the current BIOS and update it to the next available version.


            When there are a few BIOS versions between the original and the latest, it is better if we install each of them. Sometimes, the latest BIOS do not include the fixes of the previous ones.


            You can also try a clear CMOS. Please check the following picture with the procedure.

            cmos NUC.JPG



            Then, in regards to the operating system let me inform you that we this specific NUC support Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 64-bit only.  There is partial support for Windows 7.  We have received comments from customers reporting compatibility with Linux flavor OS, however Intel has not validated them.

            If you continue having issues you can always contact our technical support team for additional troubleshooting. http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/contactsupport

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              Sorry it's been so long since your reply, I had a bereavement and had to put everything on hold.


              Unfortunately, I cannot power on the device to check the BIOS or anything else. I cannot clean the CMOS. My 2nd post links to a video of the NUC problem. The link has since expired, so here it is again - http://bit.ly/TJTcbb

              This device is just causing frustration since the day I received it. I am normally fairly patient, and I am still trying to be with this, but it is getting harder.

              Is there a way of physically resetting the CMOS?


              Since the last post I have purchased new RAM, again Low Voltage (1.35v) and I am still having the exact same problem.


              Any help will be gratefully appreciated, as at the moment I feel like I just bought a box that powers off.

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                Would you please let me know how the NUC behaves when there is no USB device attached to it?

                If the behavior persisted, please contact our customer support department for additional information on replacing your product