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    Intel GMA 3600 Series - Windows 7 1096 Driver bug report (unofficial)



      It is a place to discuss the existing problems in the Intel GMA 3600 driver version 1096., But do not make these discussions to force Intel to make drivers x64 and Windows 8.



      Starting from me.

      1. Was no backward compatibility for OpenGL 2.1.

      2. No DirectX 10.1

      3. Slow in Windows Aero transition (Transparent on)

      4. Zoo Tyconn 2 slow, whereas Intel GMA 4500M can play it :/

      5. Airstrike 3D (my old games) can not be played. (crash)

      6. "Slenderman" and "Eyes of The Game" is very dark there is no light.

      7. Anybody want to add?



      Thank you.


      Notes for Intel employees:

      Please fix this driver to be used properly, there are still many issues that have not you finish, please finish your work.